15 Major Scenic and Tourist Places of America

15 Major Scenic and Tourist Places of America

15 Major Scenic and Tourist Places of America – There are many places in the world where people like to visit, but among them, America is a country where people go to have a dream. There is no dearth of tourist destinations in America. Every place here has its own distinct identity, America is the third largest populous country in the world. Every small and big city here also attracts everyone according to the specialty, natural beauty and big buildings make this country visible.
Through this article, we will tell you about 15 such places in a country like America, where everyone’s dream is to roam.

15 Major Scenic and Tourist Places of America

15 Major Scenic and Tourist Places of America

1. New York : New York is one such center of America worldwide which is famous all over the world for its beautiful architectural art, films. New York is also known as the Big Apple. In New York, we get to see big buildings, Broadway shows, and pretty scenic spots. Some heritage sites are also the center of attraction like World Exhibition Site Hall, Statue of Liberty etc. A trip to America cannot be completed without traveling to New York in America.

2. Las Vegas : Every traveler visiting America definitely loves to visit Las Vegas because the super luxury hotels, resorts, famous casinos, nightclubs, bright clubs here are the center of attraction of this place. Las Vegas is also known as the entertainment capital. Its name is enough to introduce this place. Las Vegas is a major tourist destination in the US.

3. Newark Tourism : Newark Tourism is an old city in America. The place also hosts some of the greatest theaters in the country. The place is also home to the Cultural Wonderland, New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

4. Fort Lauder Dale : This tourist destination of America has all kinds of entertainment facilities. There are many clubs, bars, restaurants, and beaches here that make it a center of attraction. It is a southeast city of Florida.

5. Houston : It is the largest city in America. The zoo here is the second zoo in the US. Home to more than 300 parks in Houston, it is America’s premier tourist destination because of the Museum of Houston. It is the most rotating space in the US, it is also known worldwide for Space Center Houston. The zoo here is very famous because of its over 6000 species.

6. San Francisco : This city is a very important city in America. A large number of tourists are seen here. The pleasant weather of summer, the spectacular scenery make this city very beautiful. San Francisco boasts a lot of energy and charm inside itself. Everyone who visits here is busy to see its charm and beauty. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most special thing in San Francisco, covering a beautiful view of the bay covering the ascent. A diverse collection of museums are found in the city that range from art museums to the Walt Disney Museum.

7. Las Angeles : It is the second largest city in America. This tourism is home to the famous Hollywood industry all over the world. Which is a very big tourist destination. Due to some of its special activities, this city is a special place for every tourist visiting here. The city has many spectacular scenic spots, which compel travelers to roam for more than 1 week. The shopping malls, shops, and other types of goods attract travelers.

8. Miami, the cruise capital of the world : Miami, a maritime city in the US, attracts tourists for its beaches and nightlife. The city is located on the Atlantic Ocean in South Florida. Miami is a major center of the country’s financial, entertainment, arts, media. Where there are large companies and corporate headquarters.

9. San Diego : San Diego is one of the most important tourist destinations in America. Which is called the most magnificent city of America. The beaches here are known for its cool white sand. The city is the second largest city in California. Apart from this, it also has many historical scenic spots in America.

10. America’s Capital Washington : This city is famous for its beauty and historical buildings. The city is known for artifacts and fashionable shops with a cultural style. Let me tell you that Washington is also known for the White House and the Capitol Building.

11. World Heritage Site Yellowstone National Park : This area is very popular in America. There are many creatures and different flora to be seen in this park, this place is a very good place for nature lovers.

12. America’s Major City Seattle : Seattle is a major city in North America where a main gateway to trade in Asia is found. There is also a large third port in North America.

13. America’s Largest City of Chicago : This city is the third largest city in the United States of America in Illinois. The city is also famous for its freshwater lake.

14. Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii : The city has the largest population of the state. This place is the most vibrant city. It is considered to be the major center for international trade and Saini defense.

15. City of Boston : The city of Boston is an international center for education, witness to the American Revolution. The city also has a public garden, and many historical places to visit.

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