Free Social Engineering Course

Free Social Enginering Course

Are you worried about hackers social engineering you for your sensitive files, emails, or access to your computer or network?

Are you scared your company passwords are going to be stolen?

Are you anxious about being a victim of identity theft?

Do you want to find out cyber security awareness and online self defense to guard yourself?

Do you want to be taught in an enticing , memorable and effective way, the way to securely manage all of your sensitive emails, files, passwords, mobile phones, and browsing?

Do you want to understand how, where, and most significantly why you’d be targeted?

Do you want to feel safe, secure, and personal on the Internet?

Then this is often the right course for you!

And you’re getting to love it! Free Social Enginering Course

I designed this ‘1:M Cyber Security’ beginners course for company employees, and residential users, trying to find engaging, memorable and effective cyber security awareness training!

This course is meant to show you the fundamentals of cyber security awareness, social engineering, network security and online self defense, albeit you’ve got no IT / Cyber Security experience or knowledge.

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What makes my course different, is that I speak passionately from the guts , using visuals, humor and storytelling throughout the training, to form it engaging, memorable and effective! The training is literally 98% world images and examples!

You will love watching the modules, because the curriculum is comprehensive enough to offer you all the knowledge you would like to remain safe, secure and personal on the web , and presented to you during a simple and entertaining way.

the IT industry sometimes).

Furthermore, the whole time i used to be recording in studio, I kept thinking to myself “how am i able to make this material really fun and interesting??” i actually tried to place myself within the mind of my students, in order that I could present the knowledge during a way that you simply would find interesting and interesting .

What students are saying about this course: Free Social Enginering Course

★★★★★ Engaging & interesting!

The presenter made me desire i used to be within the room with him. He was extremely personable and knowledgeable.” – Terrie

★★★★★ Great instructing!

I think…one of the simplest instructors I even have found on Udemy. Good tone, easy to follow along. The presentations are visually appealing, superb visual communication and do not complicate things. Reza knows what he’s talking about! – Nicholas

★★★★★ Fantastic course!

“The information presented, is clear, concise. Well thought out. The presenter is extremely knowledgeable and interesting in his delivery style. first-class course.” – Shaun


Very good material for beyond just introductory. There are tons of quizzes which really are well thought out and challenge the thinking and therefore the understanding. an enormous amount of additional resources also accompany the fabric . – Harold

★★★★★ Incredible!

★★★★★ Amazing course!

I have learned tons and specially the way to protect myself online. Great speaker with specialized and catchy explanations! Recommended 100% – Ana


“Very excellent course. i will be able to keep it close and watch and over again” – Olukayode

★★★★★ Very relevant!


“Extremely valuable information security course. Everyone should attend!” – Michal


★★★★★ Highly recommended!

“A fantastic speaker and compelling material!” – Pedro

★★★★★ “Very informative course”

“Reza’s style is extremely engaging and that we also enjoy his decades long experience within the field” – Kaushik


“Brilliant course. Brilliant presenter.” – Kevin

★★★★★ Sensational!

Provides vital tips. i like to recommend that everybody take this course. – Denis

★★★★★ much more interesting than I expected!

★★★★★ This was an excellent course!

“I learned tons , was an honest pace, excellent presentation by Reza and quizzes helped with enforcing the learning” – Lorraine



“Explanations are crystal clear and concise. Information is presented in such how that it’s easy to recollect . Instructor features a lot enthusiasm!” – Chris

★★★★★ Great content!


You will receive really engaging, memorable and effective security awareness training!

You won’t spend hours watching boring PowerPoint slides!

I intentionally cut out all the technical jargon, in order that you’re trained in simple plain English

Most of what you’ll learn are often applied both reception , and at work

This course is predicated on the important world, drawing on my 15 years of experience on the cyber front lines

I have successfully trained over 30,000 people within the past, with very regeneration

You will receive a 50-page SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING GUIDE PDF that has ALL the training material, and far more, written as notes for you to download

You will feel confident, and empowered to guard your personal, family and company data from the bad guys

And remember, if for any reason you are not proud of the course (which would make me sad!) you’ve got a 30-day a refund guarantee.

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