Game Development With C++


  • The first version was ratified in 1998 and was simply known as C++
  • The second version was ratified in 2003 and was informally known as C++03
  • The third version was ratified in 2011known as C++11
  • The fourth and current (though not for long!) version was ratified in 2014known asC++14 (see the informal naming pattern?)
The ISO is slated to ratify the fifth version this year, in 2017. They’ call it….C++17. There are already plans for the sixth ratification in 2020.
C++ is a mid-level, object-oriented programming language. It’s fast, commonly used, and can be fairly easy to learn–especially with the resources available these days.
It’s used quite commonly to program video games, as well as other programs like Microsoft Office and Google Chrome.
This guide has assembled a collection of tutorial options, mostly for beginners–you’re bound to find one you like!


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