How To Add Facebook Like Button WordPress Blog Through Plugin

How To Add Facebook Like Button Wordpress Blog Through Plugin

How To Add Facebook Like Button WordPress Blog Through Plugin – Today, a lot of people do blogging and they blog on WordPress. WordPress is the most talked about website creation platform in the world. Getting traffic is the most difficult task for any new blogger. Because their site does not rank in search engines, they try to bring traffic to their website through Facebook. But to get traffic from Facebook page it should be like. That is why it is very important to add Facebook Like Button on WordPress Blog, so that if someone visits your website, then they can like your Facebook page.

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It is not easy for any new blogger to bring traffic to the website. However, if you write good quality content while taking care of On Page SEO, then your article and block can be ranked on Google search engine as soon as possible. But for new bloggers, it is quite difficult because they are not well versed in SEO. That is why they try to bring traffic to the blog through social media.

How To Add Facebook Like Button WordPress Blog Through Plugin

Facebook is the most popular social media network in terms of bringing traffic to blogs. A lot of people promote it by sharing articles on Facebook page and spending money and also get a lot of traffic. Adding Facebook Like Button to any blog is very important because when visitors visit your blog and they like your content, they like and follow your page on Facebook. In this way whenever you update any content on your website and share it on Facebook page, they all read your article and also give a response on it.

As you all know, plugins are built to use any feature on WordPress. Similarly, you can add Facebook Like Button to your WordPress blog through a plugin. For this, we are going to tell you Step by Step Process:

  • First login to the WordPress Dashboard.
  • After that go to the Plugins section. Click on Add New.
  • Go to Search Box here and search for Easy Facebook Like Box. Now you will see a plugin named Easy Facebook Like Box (Facebook Page Plugin) – Custom Facebook Feed – Auto PopUp in the results.
  • Install this plugin and activate it.
  • Then come back to the dashboard. Then go to the Appearance Section in the Slidebar menu and click on Widgets.
  • Now a new page will open in which a list of Widgets and Slidebars is given. Click on Easy Facebook LikeBox here and then click on Slidebar and click on Add Widget. Now this Widget gets added to the Slidebar of your website.
  • After this you are made an option to create a title for Facebook Page Likebox, put some titles here (like: Like My Facebook Page, Like our Facebook page, etc.). After this enter the URL of the Facebook page, then click on Save Settings.

In this way you can add Facebook Like Box to your WordPress blog. This is the best solution for the blogger who wants to bring traffic to their blog through Facebook. It is not at all easy for any new blogger to bring traffic, that is why they try to bring more and more traffic through Facebook. You can bring traffic from Facebook only when you have more followers or more likes on your page. Only then, if you share a link to one of your articles on Facebook, then your followers click on the link and read the article and thus traffic is generated on your blog.

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