Kali Linux – Complete Training Program

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Kali Linux – Complete Training Program from Scratch.


Learn how to perform basic to advanced tasks in Kali Linux.

Learn how the good guys hack and how the bad guys hack using Linux.

Complete Cyber Security Advance Course For 2020.

Build up a Linux target from scratch to Hack with Kali Linux.

Understand how native Linux commands can be used by hackers ethical hackers or pen-testers.

WiFi Hacking for 2020: Learn to Hack WiFi in 30 Minutes.

And Also More About,

How to Install and Configure the complete Kali Linux environment like a pro.
How to use and do Footprinting and Reconnaissance from scratch to pro.
Many more concepts all about like Harvester, WHO, DNS, URL.
Masters in Ethical Hacking Advance Course 2020.
How to use Social Engineering and Information Gathering methods for ethical hacking or penetration testing.
Learn more about Trojans, Backdoor, and Computer Malware on the practical sessions for your security purpose.
Most Advanced Concepts on Trojans and Computer Malware for security testing or pen-testing.
Certified Ethical Hacking V10 Course Download.

Live practical sessions about DNS spoofing vs DNS poisoning.
What is ICMP Redirection and what the uses of that?
Handa on Trojans, Networks, and EvilGrade how we can secure us from these types of attacks.
The Complete Dark & Deep web Basic To Advance Course 2020.
All about Denial of Service Attack how to use them and how to secure from these types of attacks.
You have a completed hand on Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing in practical.
You will learn an Advance level of Cryptography.
Advance Photoshop For Beginners From Scratch To Expert Course.
Complete separate classes on Password Cracking and securing your own password.
Wireless Hacking for a security vulnerability, SQL injection for penetration testing.
Complete advanced classes on Meterpreter, Metasploit, Metasploit Database.
Advanced Wireless and Mobile Network Security Course.

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