Track Accurate Location Of Wandered Smartphone

Seeker – Accurately Locate Smartphones using Social Engineering

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Locate Smartphones: Seeker comes preinstalled in BlackArch UNIX. If you’re victimisation Kali UNIX, Parrot OS or another UNIXbased mostly distribution see install info below.

Seeker is developed by thewhiteh4t. Seeker could be a Proof of idea and is for instructional functions solely, Seeker shows whatknowledge a malicious web site will gather regarding you and your devices and why you must not click on random links and permit essential permissions like Location etc. 
Concept behind Seeker is easysimilar to we tend to host phishing pages to urge credentials why not host a faux page that requests your location like several widespread location based mostly websites.
Seeker Hosts a faux web site on In designed PHP Server and uses Serveo to come up with a link that we’ll forward to the target,web site asks for Location Permission and if the target permits it, we are able to get :
Altitude – Not continuously on the market
Direction – solely on the market if user is moving
Speed – solely on the market if user is moving
Along with Location info we tend to additionally get Device info with none permissions :
Operating System
Number of C.P.U. Cores
Amount of RAM – Approximate Results
Screen Resolution
GPU info
Browser Name and Version
Public IP Address
IP Address intelligence activity
This tool could be a Proof of idea and is for instructional functions solely, Seeker shows what knowledge a malicious web sitewill gather regarding you and your devices and why you must not click on random links and permit essential permissions likeLocation etc.

How is that this totally different from IP GeoLocation

Other tools and services provide IP Geolocation that isn’t correct in any respect and doesn’t provide location of the target instead it’s the approximate location of the ISP.
Seeker uses hypertext markup language API and gets Location Permission so grabs meridian and Latitude victimisation GPS Hardware that is gift within the device, thus Seeker works best with Smartphones, if the GPS Hardware isn’t giftlike on a laptop computer, Seeker fallbacks to IP Geolocation or it’ll rummage around for Cached Coordinates.
Generally if a user accepts location permsission, Accuracy of the data recieved is correct to or so thirty meters, Accuracy Depends on the Device.

Note : On iPhone because of some reason location accuracy is or so sixty five meters.
Tested On :

Kali UNIX 2019.2
BlackArch UNIX
Ubuntu 19.04
Kali Nethunter
Parrot OS

Kali UNIX / Ubuntu / Parrot OS

git clone
cd seeker/
chmod 777
BlackArch UNIX

pacman -S seeker

# Install laborer

curl -fsSL -o

# Build Seeker

cd seeker/
docker build -t seeker .

# Launch seeker

docker run -t –rm seeker

# OR Pull from DockerHub

docker pull thewhiteh4t/seeker
docker run -t seeker

git clone
cd seeker/
chmod 777


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