What Is API ? What Are The Types Of API ?

What Is API

What Is API ? What Are The Types Of API ? – If you have a little knowledge about computer applications or software, then many of you must have heard about API. But very few people would know about what exactly it is and what are its benefits. Actually it is a software code that helps different programs to communicate with each other. In this article we will tell you what is API? What are the types of API?

An API is a system to program an application through which any application works and a user can use it. Today, API has a big contribution in all the applications or software we use and try to get any kind of information through it. Because only with the help of API, the data we searched connects to the server and brings information from the data there and puts it in front of us.

What Is API ?

The full name of API is Application Programming Interface. An API is a system that connects an application to the Internet and sends its data to a server. After this, according to whatever responses you give in that application, it picks up the data on the server and sends it back to the computer or smart phone application or software. API is the medium to do all these things. Overall, it can be said that without API the work of an application or software is difficult.

API is used while developing any application or software so that it can run smoothly and give a good experience to the users. Many systems are used to create any application or software, API can serve as a medium to maintain communication from all of them.

Through this, any application works fast and when we search for something in any application or software, then its proper result comes in front of us. To do this, the API itself acts as a medium and connects any data we search to the server and takes appropriate results from there and shows them on the computer or smartphone screen in front of us.

API Secure Or Not ?

Now you must have known what an API is. But in this also the question of many people is whether the API is secure or not? Because the API connects our application to the server and brings the data from there to our smartphone or computer. For your information, let us tell you that the API is completely secure because whatever command you give here, there is a response related to it.

For example, if you are uploading a photo on Twitter, then the API will send the information related to uploading the photo to the server through which Twitter will be able to upload your photo. So whenever our smartphone does not have internet connection and we want to upload any photo then it fails because our application is not able to connect to the server.

In today’s time, the importance of API has become very high because it is used by big companies because in today’s time all big companies and small companies have applications available and to run any application smoothly. API is required for this. Many companies also make less money through API, it can be called API economy.

What Are The Types Of API ?

Actually there are many types of APIs and they all have different functions. The time and efficiency of making all these are all different. That’s why different companies work on API according to their requirement. Now we are going to tell you the types of APIs based on the procedure.


It is used by the handler to perform a specific task of the application. It provides an interface for a function to open a file by which it can perform any task.

Object Oriented

Object Oriented API systems can withstand a lot of load. Dia is faster and more powerful than any other API system. It is used to develop software that many people use. Because it can be too cum.

Service Oriented

This API is used for applications that provide a service or function. With the help of this, when we search again in the application, it shows results again and again according to our activities. It is used in any e-commerce site or application.

Resource Oriented

When we come to run an application, then this API collects our data and takes it to the server. This API is used by such companies who want to keep their data completely secure. Expensive web hosting also use similar APIs to keep their users’ data secure.

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