What is Ethical Hacking and How to Become a Hacker?


What is Ethical Hacking and How to Become a Hacker? (What is Ethical Hacking and How to Become a Hacker?)
Nowadays in this age of internet, a lot of work is done online. This is the reason that nowadays it is very important for everyone to have knowledge of internet. Ethical hacking is a topic of discussion in this era of internet and the field is huge. Nowadays everyone with knowledge about internet and software thinks of ethical hacking.

Hacking is not an easy task but it is also professional. However, if you are found to be hacking, then legal action can be taken against you. But if you do the same work for a registered company or a government organization, then you get good money in exchange for this and there is no problem.

As we told you that nowadays a lot of work is done online, different companies and government institutions need ethical hackers. The job of an ethical hacker is very difficult and a lot of salary is available for it. If you have interest and knowledge in hacking then you can do this work.

What is Ethical Hacking? (What is Ethical Hacking?)

What is Ethical Hacking? If you want information about this, then let us tell you that controlling a computer system or network by finding the way to enter it is called hacking. Any hacker can enter a computer system or network and lock it for others to use and can steal or modify the data or information contained in it.
There are three types of hackers depending on the functions:

White Hat Hacker: This category consists of hackers who work as security experts for a registered company or government institutions and to remove the gaps in the Internet or network.
Black Hat Hacker: Cyber ​​Criminal come under this category. As soon as you hear the name of the word hacker, cybercrime starts coming in your mind. Such people are very expert in hacking but they do their work in the wrong way.

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Gray Hat Hacker: In this category, people come who are neither good nor bad. Such people steal and sell any data just for money or else open the way for some cyber criminal to enter the computer system or network.

As you must have read in all the news that a company’s system has been hacked or money has been hacked out of someone’s account. No network is completely secure. Black hat hackers or cyber criminals take advantage of this. They enter a computer system or network and steal their data. White hat hackers are employed to guard against this. Companies or governmental organizations employ ethical hackers to correct deficiencies in computer systems or networks. Ethical hackers can also be called security experts. The work or hacking done by them is legally valid. However, they are only allowed to access systems that have loopholes.

How to become an Ethical Hacker? (How to become Ethical Hacker?)

For ethical hacking, it is very important to know about coding and language in all types of programs. If you already have a good knowledge about coding and programming languages, then you can make a career in this field. If you know all types of programming then you can become a hacker and do professional work like ethical hacking.
Is Ethical Hacking Legal or Illegal? (Is Ethical Hacking Legal of Illegal?)

This is completely legal if you are hacking for a registered company or government organization. But if you are doing hacking work for yourself by not working for any government organization or a registered company, then you may have to go through legal proceedings.

However, if you are hacking for an organization or a company, then many things have to be kept in mind. You are allowed to enter a system or network only to rectify the deficiencies in it and if a user is using the computer system or network incorrectly, then he can stop its use.

But if you are doing any hacking other than company information or information of any government organization, then you are doing illegal work legally. That is why if you want to do the right hacking legally, then only do the work that is legally valid.

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