What Is PhotoScape Software ? PhotoScape Software Features

What Is PhotoScape Software

What Is PhotoScape Software ? PhotoScape Software Features – Today in this article, we are going to give you information about another amazing application. Today we are going to tell you about the PhotoScape application. We will tell you what is PhotoScape application? What makes PhotoScape application useful? What are the main features of PhotoScape application? If you want to get information about this, read the article completely till the last.

Friends, it is often seen that we get a lot of applications for smartphones but we do not get good software for computers or laptops. If you want to do photo editing, for that you will find thousands of good applications on the Google Play Store, from which you can do photo editing in an easy way. But if you want to do photo editing in computer or laptop, then there is only one or two selected software for this. This software does the job of photo editing but not as much fun.

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Usually all computer or laptop users had a simple problem that there is no good photo editing software for them. To solve this problem, today we are going to tell you about such photo editing software that you can use in your computer or laptop and get a great result.

What Is PhotoScape Software ?

Now let’s not waste much of your time and tell you what is PhotoScape software? If you do not know about PhotoScape software, for your information, tell us PhotoScape software is a PC photo editing software. You can edit a high quality image using PhotoScape software.

If you use a computer or laptop for photo editing, then PhotoScape software is the best software for you. Many professional photo editors also use PhotoScape software. The PhotoScape application is so popular that it has been downloaded and recorded by over 50 million users so far.

Both premium and free versions of PhotoScape software are available for your convenience. If you take a premium version of PhotoScape software, then you get to see some features that help you in editing a professional photo. If you do a normal editing, just for uploading to social media, then you can use the free version.

How To Download PhotoScape Software ?

If you wish to use PhotoScape software, you can download it from the Internet. To download PhotoScape software follow this step below.

  • First of all you have to open your computer’s browser and search the PhotoScape software.
  • http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/download.php Clicking this link will take you to the official website of Direct PhotoScape Software.
  • When you are visiting the official website of PhotoScape Software, in the home page you will see a PhotoScape Software logo. When you look just below this, you will get a download button. You have to click on this download button.
  • Now according to the Internet speed of your phone, this software will be downloaded to your computer in no time.
  • Now you can install it in your system by clicking on the install button. You can use it easily after installing.

PhotoScape Software : Features

In PhotoScape software you get a lot of features, which is why professional editors use PhotoScape. The main features of the PhotoScape application are described below.

  • PhotoScape software works as an image viewer software along with photo editing. Using PhotoScape software, you can access multiple photos of your computer simultaneously.
  • After editing the photo with PhotoScape software, you can check the print of the photo. You can see how the photo will look once it is printed.
  • With the help of PhotoScape software, you can create GIFs. If you want to share GIF in WhatsApp Facebook Instagram then you can create GIF of your photo with PhotoScape software.
  • Within PhotoScape software you get a batch editor option. By using this feature, you can apply a lot of effects and filters on your photos in one go.
  • You can modify the photo’s name and date and timing using PhotoScape software.
  • PhotoScape software allows you to create collages. With the help of PhotoScape software, you can create a nice collage by adding lots of photos.
  • If you want to divide your one photo into several equal parts, then in PhotoScape you get a split feature. Using the split feature, you can divide one of your photos into several equal parts.
  • If you want to take a screenshot of your computer screen then you do not need to download the software separately. With the help of PhotoScape software, you can take screenshots.
  • With the help of PhotoScape software you can convert one format of the photo to another format. If you want to convert your photo to JPG, PNG or any other format then this feature is given to you in PhotoScape software.


These were some of the main benefits of PhotoScape software that we mentioned to you above. By reading the features mentioned above, you may have come to know that PhotoScape software is a value for money software. Hope you like this information.

Today we told you what is PhotoScape software? What are the features of PhotoScape software? How to download PhotoScape software? If you like this information, share it with your friends. Thank you very much for reading the article till the last.

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