What Is Strand Hogg Bug Vulnerability?

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What Is Strand Hogg Bug Vulnerability?

Security researchers from a Norwegian firm Specialized in Application Security Annalizing said that they identified a Bug within the Android OS which may Hijack legitimate applications and perform a malicious
After researching the research team said the vulnerability are often wont to trick users into gaining all the intrusive permissions thereto malicious app when the user tap and interact with
The Vulnerability which may be pronounced as Strand Hogg are often wont to show fake login pages { Phishing } when the user is tapping the keyboard capturing logs using
If an activity has it allow Task Reparenting attribute set to “True”, it can move from the task it starts into the task it’s an affinity for when that task
For example, suppose that an activity that reports weather in selected cities is defined as a part of a travel application.
It has an equivalent affinity as other activities within the same application the default affinity and it allows reparenting.
One of your activities starts the weather report, so it initially belongs to an equivalent task as your activity.
However, when the travel application next comes forward, the weather report are going to be reassigned to and displayed with the task.
During this interception, the malicious application will seek permission to access the device’s cameras, microphone, messages, GPS and store full access.
if the user grants these p0ermissions, the malicious app gains to those components.
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