What’s So Great About The FAU-G Game?

What's So Great About The FAU-G Game?

What’s So Great About The FAU-G Game?

The FAU-G is a unique historical game that was played in the Forts of Fort Myers, Florida during World War II. A unique combination of chess and checkers, the game can be played against a computer or with players sitting across from each other. There are three versions available for purchase, with the base game is Free For All and the following two expansions being included with the set:

Free For All This game is one that has many rules variations, depending on who you play against, and the number of players playing. Players are given a specified number of time points to complete their turns. During this time period, every player has an opportunity to move any of their pieces and must be careful not to be flanked or surrounded by opponents.

United Guards This expansion allows the player to choose from among three main teams. Each team consists of a “Stallion” and four “Wolves.” Each team is given four time points and a designated goal in order to reach their final destination. The goal is to protect the “Stallion” from the “Wolves,” while avoiding capture from the “Stallion.”


While these three teams all share the same objective and similar styles of play, the differences between the teams are largely aesthetic. The game is played with two sets of seven, while a larger number of players may participate in the Free For All mode, and many more can play in the United Guards mode.

Fearless And United: Guards In this version, players are divided into two teams of five. The objective is to “guard” an objective and avoid capture from opponents. If your unit is captured, it is immediately sent to the “capture” pile, which is replenished by moving the captured unit to a predetermined location on your side of the board. While each team is provided with a specific number of time points to complete their turns, if any player’s unit is captured, it must immediately be moved back to the capture pile.

The mobile version of the game is great for anyone who wants to spend more time on the go. There are several different ways to play the game. The two standard modes are played by simply clicking on the game icon and moving your units around the board. However, some players choose to play by hand while others may play against the computer. The Free For All and United Guards also come with an optional mission mode where the player is required to protect the “Stallion” from being captured or destroy the “Wolves.”

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One might be surprised at the amount of variety and strategy that can be learned during play of this game. With the addition of the expansion packs, a player will be able to add a new player character and customize the board to their desired theme. Many of the more advanced strategies that are used during the game are not possible without them.

Because the game is completely customizable, the Pubg Mobile Game comes in two formats: Free for All and United Guards. Players will find that both versions are very engaging, but that those who wish to play on a computer can easily play both.

Free for All: The Free For All mode is best for those who want to get right to the action. Players have their choice of any number of units, and can use their “picks” to move, shoot, or block their way through various obstacles, like walls. When their units reach their destination, they must defend their position from enemies. The game is very fast paced and involves multiple turns per round.

Guard: In this mode, players choose two opposing teams of five characters and select one of the two characters that are designated as “Guard” characters. They have unlimited actions until the opposing team completes its turn, which allows them to move and attack, as well as build a stronghold, which gives them the ability to move all of their units. and destroy opposing characters.

With its numerous modes, the Pubg Mobile Game is a great game to play on the go. There are also several different levels, allowing the player to learn new strategies and tactics. and challenge friends and family members.

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